NINJA SAGA : level hack

previous indications already know how to hack a is how to hack rates.


- Load the game.

- Open the CE 5.5

- Scan B0008C25B5E0689 '3 '(check asrom HEX value and type of changes to 8bytes.)

- 2 addresses appear. Right-click disamble> bottom.

- A new window appears. Right-click> toogle breakpoint line highlighted.

- In the game. select the character you> play.

- Browser will nge-freeze. g need to worry.

- In CE, click debug> run (2x) - Right Side AD is XXXXXXXX EAX. double click. replace with the next level of value that you> ok

* To levels that do not have code, you have to play it manually.

- Right click the highlighted line> toogle breakpoint.

- Debug> Run.

- And the level you now is to raise ..

* Erm. stern warning from me, before disalahin because your character to ban .. "RAISE YOUR LEVEL 1 PER 1. (If LEVEL 1, RAISE TO LEVEL 2, and so on). Otherwise, BANNED TO YOU.!"enjoy :)

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