Ninja Saga Back Items Guide - Complete List

I have here a list of back items and its effects. If you know other items that are not listed please inform me via comments for us to stay updated.

Evil Wing/ Wing of the Devil
Effects: Reduce damage taken by 5%
How to acquire: Halloween Prize, shared on friend's Facebook profiles

Effects: 10% chance to absorb 1% of enemy's max health
How to acquire: Halloween Prize, available only on friends Facebook walls!

Dark Blade
Effects: Increases critical rate and accuracy by 2%
How to acquire: Available anytime when you have total of 20 friend invites.

Straw Hat
Effects: Increase dodge chance to 3%
How to acquire: Shared  only on friends Facebook walls!

Carnival Fan
Effects: Increase all type og damage to 3%
How to acquire: Emblem users only, this back item was released during the carnivals.

Carnival Taiko
Effects: Increase HP by 5 per turn(kinda useless)
How to acquire: Released during the pre anniversary of Ninja Saga, collect 15 badges to get the item.

Ninja Bag
Effects: Increase scrolls heal to 20% (even chakra scroll)
How to acquire: Shared  only on friends Facebook walls!

Ninja Saga Thanksgiving Balloons

Effect: Increase maximum HP by 2%. This item is good for pure earth ninjas.
How to Acquire: Buy a premium account and you will get this free. Limited edition!Nov.17 - Dec. 1, 2010

Scroll of Golden Snake

Effect: Increase all attack damage by 4%, and Decrease damage taken by 4%.
Way to Acquire: Be a Zheninja clan member during Season 8 of clan wars.

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