Ninja Saga World Boss: Battle Turtle

A new boss was released by Ninja Saga. I am having hard time to kill the boss. Even I have recruited lvl60 emblem ninjas with percent damage skills, We can't kill them on the first fight because of its skill that heals itself with 35k HP! That was so unfair. So I decided to bring out my ultimate 1 hit kill cheat! lol

From Ninja Saga Official Game
Originated from the north, the Battle Turtle is known of its age, which is signified by the thorns on its shell.

Stats, Boss Type, Infos
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Turn # | Name of jutsu | Damage/effects

1.Bite - Bite user; damage 280
2.Sting Barrage = Damage 300,  Bleeds target for  10% (2 turn)
3.Sting Barrage Storm = Damage 510 & Bleeding 25% (2 turn)
4.Water Release : Water Scale Gunshot = Damage 380
5.Water Release : Water Ground Destroyer = Damage 425 & Stun (2-3 turn)
6.Water Release : Whirlpool Shot = Damage 475
7.Water Release : Water Drowning Roughs = Damage 350 (Hit all ninja team)Water Release : Marine 8.Scale Vortex = Damage 700 (Hit all ninja team)
9.Water Release : Water Encampment Trap = Damage 100 & Restriction (5-6 turn)
10.Water Release : Shallow Stream = Heal 35,000 HP
11.Attack Mode = Strengthen (5 turn)
12.Defense Mode = Protection (5 turn)

Item / Weapon Drops

Battle Turtle Kunai - Made from the shell of Battle Turtle
Damage: 290
Level Requirement: 55

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