cheat ninja saga 100% work

Damage Cheat Ninja Saga
Cheat This Powerful 100 000% Work unmatched Already Trial Otherwise I Believe

As usual there are several ingredients that must be prepared,
Materials - Materials:

Cara Pemakaian :

  1. Go Play Ninja Saga but never first.
  2. Setting Cheat Engine to: Process -> plugin-container.exe . Value Type -> Array of Bytes .  Ceklist -> Also Scan read-only memory . Ceklist -> HEX.
  3. After the scan setting the following value (62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A3), after the scan it will exit 2 on the right address cheat engine.
  4. Click 2 times on the two addresses, it will move downwards both.
  5. After the second address is in the bottom, then stay that address instead of the two values into (62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A2), note the fine even though the value was almost the same but different.
  6. Done! You Play Ninja Saga cheat you and try to do his work. ^_^

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