Download Cheat Ninja Saga 2011 | Cheat Ninja Saga – Cheat Engine Latest Buy Weapons / Weapon Without Tokens.

Download Cheat Ninja Saga 2011 | Cheat Ninja Saga – Cheat Engine Latest Buy Weapons / Weapon Without Tokens

Download Cheat Ninja Saga 2011 | Cheat Ninja Saga – Cheat Engine Latest Buy Weapons / Weapon Without Tokens. Here is a cheat how to buy weapons or weapon without the use of tokens. I have tried this cheat and still work up until the tips are published.

The application you need is Cheat Engine 5.6.1, and the latest browsers. You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Tutorial Cheat Ninja Saga buy weapons without a token this time using Google Chrome browser. Well, please follow the steps below.
* Open Facebook and the game you ninja saga
* Run Cheat Engine
* Buy kunai level 1 in the market
* Open gear, replace eqip kunai had just bought with any weapon
* Page gear should not be closed before … keep open the Cheat Engine .. .. search google chrome process 1 by 1 which is active
* Alternately try to scan this code “wpn1″ (without quotes) .. .. Also scan the text to change the memory scan and scan
* In process approximately 2-5 crom.exe google … if the results are not out scannya then please scan again with other chrome.exe google.
* After exiting addresnya click any 1 address and press ctrl + a. … click the arrow
* After exiting at the bottom click on one of them … and press ctrl + a.. … Value … right click replace values with your desired weapon codes
* Note! in an instant munculah weapon you want (note: a weapon that you choose should be equal to your level or below)
Here are the codes of weapons to choose from:
For weapon code simply by WPN (weapon code) eg wpn1
1: kunai LVL 1
2: Sickle LVL 2
3: Sai LVL 3
4: Tonfa
5: Windmill Shuriken
6: Battle Umbrella LVL 10 (PREMIUM / TOKEN)
7: Ocean Sword
8: Tri-Star Shuriken
9: Shark Skin Sword
10: Decapitating Sword
11: Tailed Jutte
12: Pointed Edge kunai LVL 7
13: Chained Kama
14: Arrow Head kunai LVL 4
15: Arrow Ex kunai Head 8 LVL
16: Arrow Head kunai FF
17: The Ultimate Arrow Head kunai
18: Short Manji Sai
19: Tiger Tooth kunai LVL 9
20: Twin Tail kunai
21: Midori Sai
22: Tri-Star kunai
23: Short Serpent Sickle
24: Spring kunai LVL 5
25: Giant kunai
26: Twin Tailed Jutte
27: Knife Edge kunai
28: Chrome Sai LVL 11
29: Black Sickle Ripper
30: Bone Hand Scythe LVL 7 (Token)
31: Elegant Sai
32: Golden Sai
33: Hook Hand Sickle
34: Lightning Sai
35: Iron Sai LVL 6
36: Manji Sai
37: Quad Edge Claw
38: Ritual Kama LVL 9 (Token)
39: Small Tooth kunai LVL 10
40: Silver Sai
41: War Sickles
42: Sword Sai
43: Short Sword Cleaver <———
44: Wavy Blade
45: Bloody Ritual kunai
46: Wolf Claw Dagger
47: Crescent Butcher Knife
48: Bone Machete
49: Katana
50: Iron Dagger
51: Bandit Blade
53: Nomad Blade
54: Sharp Blade
55: Dark War Edge
56: Hole Sword
57: Tusk Sword LVL 42
58: Thick Broadsword
59: Scorpion Tail Blade
60: Blood Charm Tessen
61: Ice Sword Wolf
62: Blazing Shuriken
63: Rising-sun Sword
64: Lollipop
65: Candy Stick
66: Wreath of Leaf
67: Turkey Leg
68: Green Leaf Sickle
69: Nen-ryu Tessen
70: Viper Tusk Sword
71: Shark Head Sword
72: Kanesada
73: Crimson Katana
74: Skull Broadsword LVL 52
75: Ying-which Broadsword
76: Dark Dragon Katana
77: Hard Edge Axe
78: Ice Crystal Sword
79: Dark Blade Plate
80: Blade of Concealment
81: Dual Axis kunai
82: LVL 46 Dark Ruby Edge
83: Giant Broadsword Torsion
84: Black Wing Sai
85: Handy Sai
86: Sacrificial Blade
87: Rusty Scissor kunai
88: Superior Jutte
89: Platium Jutte
90: empty
91: Straight Spear
92: Harrow
1993: Japanese Dagger
94: Hoe
95: Handle Paper Fans
96: empty
97: Bodkin Dagger
98: Four-Point Shuriken
99: Iron Ring Broadsword
Wpn100: Carbon Dagger
wpn101: hook
wpn102: guard dagger
wpn103: Bronze kunai
wpn104: bronze blade plate
wpn105: scimitar
wpn106: steel blade
wpn107: Heavy armor 100token balade
wpn108: empty
wpn109: 100 token sword dorsal fin
wpn110: hooked Cutlass
wpn111: kotetsu
wpn112: teddy bear
wpn113: bouquet of roses
wpn114: chokolate sword
wpn115: up to 118 blank
wpn119: 400 token blood dringker
wpn120: mite spear
wpn121: ginkotsu s
wpn122: mite umbrella
wpn123: yanki sickle
wpn124: byako sword
wpn125: 500 token tooth shadow
wpn126: 800 token golem guard
wpn127: 800 token Saul Watcher
wpn128: 800 token wheel monk
wpn129: 800 token Gekko balde
wpn130: 800 token dark moryo
wpn131: 100 token Saijo kotetsu
wpn132: white bouquet
wpn133: colorful bouquet
wpn134: 400 token windmill Dazzle
wpn135: 300 token obake Kaza
wpn136: 300 token kotetsu Hazy
wpn137: 600 token Senden
wpn138: 300 token sea bonze
wpn139: 300 token jinkujaku
wpn140: 600 token blue river
wpn141: 300 token snake soul
wpn142: 300 token mountain haze
wpn143: 300 token violet lightning
wpn144: 600 token wind walker
wpn145: ichi no katana 400token
wpn146: Saul resonance 400token
wpn147: Rusty bronze 400token
wpn148: Disciple of blood 800token
wpn149: four shuriken 800token soul
wpn150: crazy wolf 300token
wpn151: tenji 300token
wpn152: sessho shuriken 100token
wpn153: empty
wpn154: balde dull katana (belumbisa in use)
wpn155: practince naginata
wpn156: wind katana 200token
wpn157: dark sous 200token katana
wpn158: LVL 42 stone kunai
wpn159: stone giant kunai (not yet in use)
wpn160: knots dager kunai
wpn161: LVL 44 darts kunai
wpn162: kunai red fang (not yet in use)
wpn163: ketsuiki (belumbisa in use)
wpn164: 400 token kunai secred Genin
wpn165: snow-nin kunai
wpn166: tri-blade kunai (belumbisa in use)
wpn167: white snake katana 200token
wpn168: short sai wing
wpn169: orange Manji sai
wpn170: pratiioner sai
wpn171: short chrome sai
wpn172: devil thorn sai
wpn173: blue pearl kunai
wpn174: Izanami (not yet in use)
wpn175: Kusanagi 200token
wpn176: red card
wpn177: white card
wpn178: Yellow card
wpn179: nindan 100token Blood Drinker
wpn180: Sandan Blood Drinker (belumbisa in use)
wpn181: nindan shadow tooth 200token
wpn182: Sandan shadow tooth (belumbisa in use)
wpn183: Dazzle nidan windmill (belumbisa in use)
wpn184: nidan gauze obake (belumbisa in use)
wpn185: Sandan gauze obake (belumbisa in use)
wpn186: nidan Senden (belumbisa in use)
wpn187: nidan seabonze (belumbisa in use)
wpn188: nidan jinkujaku (belumbisa in use)
wpn189: nidan blue river (belumbisa in use)
wpn190: nidan snake Saul (belumbisa in use)
wpn191: Sandan snake Saul (belumbisa in use)
wpn192: blank sanpai WPN 197
wpn198: shuriken dark cicada 1000token
wpn199: lantern carnivals
wpn200: carnival folding fan
wpn201: carnival bachi
wpn202: up to 274 blank
wpn275: soul katana red cloud 100token
wpn276: definitely banana
wpn277: up to 283 blank
wpn284: great spear mite 800token
wpn285: 600 token saw ginkotsu militari
wpn286: great mite umbrela 800token
wpn287: burning yanki sickle 800token
wpn288: angry tiger sword 800token
wpn289: dark Gedo 800token shuriken
wpn290: smelly banana 800token

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