NINJA SAGA : coin cheat

untuk nge-cheat ini harus pake aplikasi Cheat Engine 5.5 Download Disini

  1. open Cheat Engine 5.5
  2. open "Processing List", trus klik Firefox.exe
  3. open account Ninja saga
  4. Already opened, then went to the shop
  5. Then tulisin Gold do you have in column value. click "New Scan" / First Scan
  6. Click on "First Scan". tungguin to completion ..
  7. finish the scan, Lo select (klik2x) addresses most of
  8. After that buy smoke bombs.
  9. Then, write the value that you have after purchasing a smoke bomb in the column that had value.
  10. [Ex: before Bli 400, replaced a 390], Then click "Next Scan"
  11. no reply address appears, then click the 2x ..
  12. Finally, click 2x value of d (the bottom of the application) and change the value of gold which you want the want. buy a smoke bomb again, and your gold dah liat aja changed. : D

NB: fit see in ninja saganya This cheat will delete the prohibition could be your character (suspend), but I try no problem tuh.
- cheat using that money to buy this as current items, if you'd like a moment, disaranin pake 'IP PROTECTOR' do not let the page load error
dicheat-money should be in belanjain right away, cz already out of the game if his money back to the home. (if you fail, maybe it DL): D

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