NINJA SAGA : hacking health and chakra bar

This is how to hack the same health bar of chakra bar.

- Game Load
- open cheat engine.
- 3B0008C25B5E0689 Scan (check HEX, asrom, values type = 8 bytes)
- Appeared two addresses. bottom right-click> disable
- Right click on the> blue toogle breakpoint line
- In the game you click on the characters that you> play the game the browser will ngefreeze same. not need to worry. click alt + tab to create a reciprocal cheat engine.
- At the click of CE debug> run 5 times.
- Right In addition to the ADA EAX. click. valuenya So instead of> '3 E8 'ok
- Click> More debug run 2 times.
- Change so ok EAX> '3 E8 '
- green Color Line In Right-click toggle breakpoint>
- Debug> run.
- And now your health and chakra bars keraise.
- Do something. complement / jutsu clear, do missions, or something Character ngesave goal. so that each chakra pasrefresh health remain so kek .. You
*Untuk kodenya boleh diganti2. berikut kodenya :
* 3E8 = 1,000
* 2710 = 10,000
* C350 = 50,000
* 186A0 = 100,000

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