NINJA SAGA : huge damage by using KUNAI

Logo this cheat I create a lot of requests from you for the cheat ninja saga.
of this. With this cheat you can attack your enemies with x damage. depends do you want to naruh x so how much. Cuman You need a kunai.

Way :
- Open the web Charles debugger (CWD). donlot section supporting applications
- Load the game. select characters.
- Going to the game, make sure you have a kunai. (click the gear). if g has, buy a kunai at the shop.
- Refresh the game 

- When you are asked to select your character, do not click the play first.
- In CWD you click the [+] row '' arrived to '(SystemData.get)'. right click> breakpoints.
- now is the game you click 'play'.

- Tab breakpoints appeared several times. click execute 3x
- Tab breakpoints to 4 appears, you click 'edit response'> AMF
- Click [+] until you can 'weapon'. (see picture below)...

- In wpn1 Ntar no description about the name, cost, damage, etc..
- You change the value of 'damage' as you want.
- Click the tab session 1. Right-click the line (systemData.get) who had, and unchecked breakpointsnya.
- Click the tab breakpoints> execute.
- Click kage room. and select the mission of any kind (for those who want to gain Chunin level, use this cheat. you can win easily). Just click for attacking enemies and attack them straight knockouts.

* for this cheat you can also change the damage you. gw cuman here ngasi example karna Basically kunai kunai Logo smua have it gift fit weapon which you can start the game.
* make sure ngeditnya not be long. Otherwise, Ntar muncull 100 Time Out error.
* g keep fit this cheat you refresh.

well, hopefully useful.

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