NINJA SAGA : super coin hack

Still playing a proxy.

But this is slightly different from previous methods.

- Load> game went to the store

- Open debugger charles web. donlot in supporting applications.

- Sell one of your weapons. (Number of growing your Resell Ntar to lift a coin) - In the CWD found '' section. Click [+] until the can '(characterDAO.sellitem)'. Right-click the face of repeated>

- content of first column 500, the contents of the second colonial 5.

- Appears session 2. ngerepeat wait until finished.

- Ngerepeat Finish, click the session 1. right click '(characterDAO.savecharacter)' face repeat>> ok

- Wait until ngerepeat completed.

- Finish ngerepeat CDW he closed shop together.
Refresh the game.

- You get a lot of coins. * Pas ngerepeat shopnya not close. * If you want to hack again, just repeat the third step.

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