Cheat Ninja Saga - All Mission Instan V.2

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Tools needed [Download | Tutorial Fiddler]:

* Ninja Saga Cheats Gado-gado [Please Download the Forum]

* Fiddler2's

* Fiddler2

* Chrome / Firefox

1. Open Fidler but Do not forget the fiddler in a state of Disable Ok ^ ^

2. Klick autoresponder

3. Check the Enable Automatic responses & Permit passthrough for umatched request

4. Then Click "add" String ToMatch [1]

5. click below autoresponder column and select "Find a file" search for files 'that you download' and click Open

6. Copy and paste it into Rule Regex Editor

7. Clean Bowser by way of "Clear Firefox Cache"

8. Then activate the fiddler with the "Force traffic to Fiddler" [Fiddler: ForceOn]

9. Go to Ninja Saga [play]

10. see

11. Then View Results
Regex Code :

* rEGEX:(?insx)^.*mission.\.swf$
* rEGEX:(?insx)^.*mission._2\.swf$
* rEGEX:(?insx).*.data_library_en\.swf$

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