Cheat Ninja Saga - Low Hp All Boss (Non Banned)

Tools needed [Download | Tutorial Fiddler]:
* Ninja Saga Cheats [Please Download the Forum]
* Fiddler2
* Fiddler2's dotnetFix
* Chrome / Firefox

Steps :

1. Open Fidler but Do not forget the fiddler in a state of Disable Ok ^ ^
2. Klick autoresponder
3. Check the Enable Automatic responses & Permit passthrough for umatched Reques
t4. Drag all the files TAURSHAX_Low Hp All Boss in column autoresponder
5. Clean Bowser by way of "Firefox Clear Cache"
6. Then activate the fiddler with the "Force traffic to Fiddler" [Fiddler: ForceOn]
7. Go to Ninja Saga [play]
8. Then go to Hunting Hose and opponents all the bosses imaginable, make sure you try the blood of all the bosses would weaken

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