Cheat ninja Saga on Facebook : 1 HIT KILL & EXP

Cheat 1 Hit Kill :

1. open your FB

2.Go to Ninja Saga.

3. Find any kind of enemy.

4. open Cheat Engine (any version).

5. Select a picture imaginable computer, search mozilla / opera / IE / google chroome (yg browser you're using to play ninja saga) and press open.

6. In the value type, select the "Array of Bytes" and also tick the "Also scan read-only memory. "

7. In the column HEX fill "89065E5BC208003B7B54" (without quotation marks).

8.After that press "First Scan" and will appear 1 address.

9. Right-click the address it and select "Disassemble", will appear with new window named "Memory Vierwer"

10. In the "mov [ESI], eax" select "toggle breakpoint" will appear yes / no, just press yes, then comes the new column, close-wrote the column.


12. After number 10. Ninja Saga back to you, select high-jutsu any damage. (DO NOT ATTACK ORDINARY)

13. Well then your browser will HANG / ERROR.

14. Jgn takut, itu pertanda cheat ini berhasil.

15. Back to Cheat Engine you

16. On the Debug menu, choose RUN.

17. After that in the Registers (column at right), the EAX option 000XXXX (number - number on the back of EAX), click 1x and input 0 then enter.

18. After that close the window "Memory Viewer" on Cheat Engine.

19. Back to the Ninja Saga.

20. The enemy is dead.

Cheat EXP +++++ :

1. Select BOS monsters.

2. Select Attack.

3.This method is using a HIT KILL.

4.After BOSS die, do not forget to share, then we go to start menu Ninja Saga again.

5. Press PROFILE FB.

6. We return to our FB.

7.Then press the picture imaginable in post share your ninja saga.

8. Once signed in, and play, SEE, EXP increases again.

9. Eg flat against 3 BOSS ² EXP 16.000, after returning again to the profile and then back again to the Ninja Saga, you will get 16,000 EXP anymore.

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