Make friends, lovers Ninja Saga friend I want to share tips for dapetin nich Token, Gold, Xp, Item Ninja Saga of our friend's apartment in the bonus share, ni a quick way to make dapetin bonus2 tu tu ga bonus2 trigger the capture of others ,

1. Login to your facebook
2. select your home game in which straight into a your  ninja saga
3. in Gaming History / History select Ninja Saga, after which it would appear history / history games Ninja Saga your friend's apartment in shere yag bonus
4. Right-click select New Tab Icon Bonuses that appear there, then will move to the next page, and you automatically get a bonus that, (it also if no one took my bonus) do not directly play Ninja Saganya enough you just refresh or press F5 browsingnya then the bonuses you have obtained
5. Return to the previous tab and then refresh browsingnya again then timenya history changed and the new bonuses from my friends you will masuk.lakukan refresh every 5 minutes or so to keep it updated, and always know what bonuses your friends share.
thx  ^_^

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