How to get your Ninja Saga Emblem without spending bucks

Most of Ninja Saga players are non-premium users or non-emblem users. Everybody wants to have one but have little or no bucks. Today, I will share to you how did I acquire my premium account without spending a single cent.

Note: This guide teaches you how to earn  $20 in less than a month and spend it to acquire a premium account or buy in game items or tokens. This guide is no cheat and also not one of those who claimed to give you premium accounts but are only fooling you. Instead they are benefiting themselves because they are redirecting you to their websites to fill some "make money scheme" for them. So you really get nothing. 

Requirements: Do not skip this step unless you have one. Pay attention to every detail.
  • Verified Paypal Account - your earnings will be sent here.It must be verified. Verify your account by linking your credit or debit card or bank account. It only cost you at least $6. In my case I have a verified Paypal account. So I have not spend anything. Just in case you can't verify your Paypal account, it's okay. Just hire some with verified accounts to buy you Facebook credits or premium account and pay using your unverified account to their Paypal account. Register here.
After creating your Verified/Unverified Paypal Account follow these steps.

Method One - People String

1. Register at People String. It is a social network that pays. It pays you $.50 per person you refer to sign up and complete their first survey. So if you refer 40 persons and completed their first survey. You got $20! Easy huh? Referring means they have to join using your referral link. 

Note: The person you refer must complete their first survey. And oh you must also complete yours.

Easy bucks right? I actually made $137 just by inviting my friends. 

Method Two - Neobux

1. Register at Neobux. It is a paid-to-click website. It pays you to click ads on their website. Well, you can't complete the $20 alone. So you have to refer again people to join. Referring means they have to join using your referral link. If you can't reach $20 it's okay. The payout is $2. You can ask for a payout if you reach the threshold. The goal is to have $20 in your Paypal account. Whether accumulated earnings or single payout.I refer Neobux because it is the most trusted PTC ever created. My friends are earning here $1000 monthly. You can even search Google for payment proofs. 

Method Three - CMFads - For bloggers

Do you have a small blog or group of blogs? then join CMF ads. An advertising network for small blogs. Here is what you will do.

1. Register at CMFads. (Referral link remove due to some issues) Visit their website at
2. Click all available spikes. (you can see how many spikes available)
3. Accept all advertisements. Whether network or campaign ads.

Please read their TOS and rules. And don't be spammy. You will get banned for doing it. Register only one email address even for multiple blogs. 

In a month I earn $7 doing nothing. So I have $13 more to go to buy a premium account. 

Note: Our goal is to earn $20+ in our Paypal account not on the websites I told you. Just as long as you reach the payment threshold you can ask for a payment and it will be sent to your Paypal account. 

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