New Cheat Ninja Saga 1 HIT KO

Gan ane nich have the latest NS Cheat once directly at KO, but only applies in House Hunting
Potion required is as follows :
                                1. Fiddler2, kalo belum punya clik here
           2. Browser Chrome/Fire Fox, klo ane pake Chorme
           3. Download  wordboz.swf.rar

 tutor :
1. Download all files above, Extraks wordboz.swf.rar files, nb: do not jump into his NS
2. Fiddler, fiddler open it, click autoresponder
3. Check Enable automatic responses & Permit passthrough for unmatched requests n
4. Drag the file download (all files eneXXX.swf) to the column below, exactly Fiddler Autorespoder then click save
5. signed to Ninja Saganya and Play

IMPORTANT !!!: Make you are using a HIT this cheat, do not publish when you win against any boss or someone can report you for killing all bosses a short time. use this cheat with caution and wise not too often use the cheat is because NS going E RROR, if there is ERROR directly out of your FB, close his fiddler, berishkan browsing history with manekan Shift + Ctrl + Delete (Chorme) tick all select delete all data, wait a few minutes do not enter the FB first, at own risk ^ _ ^

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