Secret Talent - Explosive Lava

Explosive Lava – Explosive Lava is combined by the elements of Fire and Earth. Users damage targets by ignition and explosion.
Cost: 1,000,000 Gold
Req: lvl50/Jounin (Fire & Earth)

Explosive Lava
Description: Ignite Lava to increase damage of fire-earth ninjutsu.
Effect: Increase attack damage by 5% (1 turns)
Dmg: --
CP: --
CD: [Passive Skill]

Lava Shield
Description: Stick target with pieces of lava when target attacks user. Affected target receives extra damage when user attacks with fire-earth ninjutsu.
Effect: Inflict 'Lava' on target (target receives extra 20% damage from fire,earth ninjutsu and C4 Exploding Clay) (2 turns), reduce target's dodge rate by 10% (2 turns)
Dmg: --
CP: [(lvl)x550%]
CD: 16

Lava Spirits
Description: Create explosive clay bugs and dispatch them to target.
Effect: 30% Chance to inflict 2% 'Burn' for 2 turns.
Dmg: [(lvl)x900%]
CP: [(lvl)x900%]
CD: 16

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