Cheat Ninja Saga : Dapet Baju dan Senjata Token Tanpa Beli "Permanent"

Now, for those who do not want to spend money to buy a token (including me), but want to buy clothes and TOKEN-style weapons, do not be discouraged, while Ninja Saga now has not Maintence, n closing this gap, then hurry to do the following: please read carefully.
Okay .. just
1.Firefox (try the latest)
2. Cheat Engine 5.6 ( CE )
3. Item Code, Clothes and Weapons,
for a list of clothes laki2 download
here, female clothing here, and weapons download, here and Item, here
1. Go Ninja saga
2. Start the mission as usual and look for missions that you think there are bonus items / weapons, the mission recommended Grade E (Escaped Criminal)
3.When finished defeating the enemy, do not hurry - hurry to click the OK, if you get the item / weapon,
4. Open the cheat engine, select the text and Also Read Only Memory Scan, scan an item or weapon, such as: Healing Scroll Lvl 12, the mean scan item12. (eg see picture)

5. will be out several addresses in the address menu, click to all addresses found in the column until the bottom CE
6. Addresses change all these values into clothes / weapons you want to record in accordance with your status, if the free users, then enter the code free user, and matches it with your level and the level of clothing / weapon
7. and then complete the mission by clicking OK. after being on the start page Ninja Saga, Refresh Ninja saga, and see the results

NB: Sebaikny use Hide IP if you use a cheat, to avoid ban
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