Ninja Saga Pets Got Secret Jutsus!

Amazing! Not only ninjas got secret talents. Ninja Saga pets also have them! Ninja Saga have updated the game after the maintenance last November 24, 2010. The maintenance was meant to released secret jutsus for our pets. We better start training them now. Here are the list of the secret jutsus our pets can have.

Note: I did my best to translate them. Cause I got them on Indonesian language. I use Google translate. I am sorry for the grammar. - Agentmango

Leiko(the snake)
5th Skill : Secret Jutsu; Hazy Smoke - Spray smoke that makes the accuracy of the enemy be reduced to 5% for 2 turns.

Tomaru(the cobra)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Hell Flame Eater - Reduced 1% HP opponent and heal the effects of burn on the master (5% if the opponent has been hit by the effects of burn first)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Evil Fire Ward - (Make kekkai to protect the master for 2 turn, each opponent who attacked the master will be exposed to the effects of burn 3% for 1 turn)

Eriko(the dog)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Eliminate Strike - (Reduce 3% of HP's opponent)

Chiko(the bird)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Flight Sickle - (Giving your opponent bleeding effect as much as 8% for 2 turn)

Inokuchi (the pig)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Rock Death Spear - (Gives bleeding effect to the opponent as much as 10% for 2 turn)

Keiko (the frog)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Ghost Sonic - (Giving your opponent for 1 turn chaos effect)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Oil Bottle - * (Remove the cooldown of Skill - 3 to Keiko, Fiery Flame)

Easa (the rabbit)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Frenzy Bunny - (Increase of 100% damage the Bunny, and raise the possibility of doing a critical attack up to 25% (side effect: the pet will receive additional damage as much as 25%)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Mirror of Moon - (Restore to master the damage given to the opponent as much as 100% for 1 turn)

Suki (the pig)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Immovable mind - (Keep the master block attacks from opponents for 1 turn)

Easter Egg
4th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Bunny's Gift - Restore CP to master after taking damage (10% of HP Reduced)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Bunny's Surprise - Throw eggs to opponents so that he can only restore 90% of its CP for 2 turns
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Rocket Bunny - Reduce HP and CP by 4%

Zoshi (the dummy)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Two Shadow as One - (Beat up opponents alike with his shadow, has a 30% chance to remove buff effects on the opponent)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu; *** Fist(Hitting the target, has a 40% chance to make your opponent can not heal)

Raita (the wolf)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Lightning Body Wrap - (Protect the master of all negative status / debuff)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu ; Hyper Lightning Chop - (Scratching the opponent and causes the opposing jutsu cooldown increased to 2 turn)

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