Ninja Saga Hack v1.3 (19/12/2010) By DreadRoots

Fitur :
• All missions snapshots
· Mission Premiums Cracker (you can do without the Ninja Emblem)
• 1 Hit K.O. House Hunting BOSS (all House Hunting mobs die a Hit)
Special · Mission 10K, 10.5K, 18K, 15K, etc., placed in different sections (Grade E & D) to be executed up to 2 times each.
Jounin Chunin Exams & · instant. (Running one by one, in that order)
· All BOSS Level 1 (all MOBs of House Hunting accessible from level 1)
· Golden Hack Mission
· Learn & Remove Skill (You can learn skills instantly and also remove all the skills of an element to change it to another)
Attribute Points · RESET
· Skills Effects (Hellfire, Stun, Token Effects x99)
· NPC Rec Lvl 100 (NPC Recruit payments, Free)
· Golden Hack # 2
· Practice Unusual (Entering "Practice" will fight against enemies unusual)
· Talent Tree Hack (Talents: No consume CP / No Cooldown / x10 Effect / Up without Level 5)
· Mission Christmas Snapshots * Updated
· Mission Kojima Snapshots * Updated Specials
Add · New BOSS Christmas Hit & 1 * Updated

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