Suit hack via Charles

1. Go to your ninja saga
2. Open Charles Web Debugging Proxy
3. Go to shop
4. Buy the clothes you want (emblem)
5. After you buy go to gear
6. Enable breakpoint to charles
7. Equip any clothe
8. Click the “X” icon
9. Then I breakpoint will appear
10. Change the value of the set to any of the following that you have bought
premium suit for male:
"id":"set47", "name":"Black Sleek Suit
"id":"set31", "name":"Heavy Waistcoat Armor
"id":"set41", "name":"Flex Suit"
"id":"set87", "name":"Sporty Jacket Wear"
"id":"set103", "name":"Tai-chi Print Casual Wear"
"id":"set98", "name":"Sporty Autumn Wear"
"id":"set16", "name":"Simple Casual Garment"
"id":"set14", "name":"Ragged Garment"
"id":"set43", "name":"Green Battle Bodysuit"
"id":"set19", "name":"Puppeteer Suit"
"id":"set18", "name":"Desert Garment"
"id":"set21", "name":"Heavy Combat Armor"
"id":"set46", "name":"Grid Outfit"
"id":"set29", "name":"Light-duty Gear"
"id":"set174", "name":"Dark Shadow Outfit"
"id":"set299", "name":"Jounin Fighter Suit"
11. Refresh then now you have it

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