GKS UNLI Valentine Mission + Dummy boss powered by +marxtianz+

Nich yg msh pada bingung dg cheat unvalentine..
w ksh versi GK nya

lngsung aja
Fiddler(cari di postingan lama)


1. Dummy boss Download

2. Unli Valentine mission Download



1. Download the required files
2. Extract the downloaded files
3. Drag it to fiddler (auto responder)
4. Clear Cache
5. Refresh Ninja Saga
6. Go to Kage Room > C > ""GKS"> Finish Mission EARN your items
7. After finishing the mission, refresh ninja saga again then do the mission again!!
8. keep repeating ( finish mission > refresh > finish mission > 

p.s Dummy boss are in the special event mission.

Special credits to: +marxtianz+ fat and Ryle fat


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