Ninja saga SKILL INJECTOR V 2.0

All by klaudio_Albania_Hacker...K.A.H
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downlad from ShareCash ----

the miror ----

Open your ninja saga bud dont select your character (don`t click play)
Downlad skill injector
darg all file in a folder
Open Skill injector V 2.0
Click Open and select the file
Click inject and whait to finishing inject
when finnish Click play in ninja saga
This is all

NOTE : This hack work only in internet explorer

with the file of hack are

Download Secret: Amaterasu ( 9999 damage, 1 chakra, 1 cooldown)

Download Secret: Death Touch Palms (A technique that attacks meridians to stop CP flow in body. Defender cannot use any jutsu charge for 2 turns)

Download Secret: Sakura-ryu (hit targets organs and disable him from healing himself for 3 turns)

Download Secret: Extacy of Sound (Hallucinate target with ecstatic sound to restrict target and reduce attack damage by 100% 2 turns)

Download Secret: Profusion of Ghosts (Hallucinate the enemy and make them feel being bounded by hundred ghosts)

when you downlad skill injector it don`t open downlad and instal this to open --- ---

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