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All wepons Code

wpn1 Kunai
wpn2 Sickle
wpn3 Sai
wpn4 Tonfa (Premium User only)
wpn5 Windmill Shuriken (Premium User only)
wpn6 Battle Umbrella (Premium User only)
wpn7 Ocean Sword (Premium User only)
wpn8 Tri-Star Shuriken (Premium User only)
wpn9 Shark Skin Sword (Premium User only)
wpn10 Decapitating Sword
wpn11 Tailed Jutte (Premium User only)
wpn12 Pointed Edge Kunai ^
wpn13 Chained Kama
wpn14 Arrow Head Kunai ^
wpn15 Arrow Head Kunai Ex ^
wpn16 Arrow Head Kunai FF ^
wpn17 Dual Head Kunai (Premium User only)
wpn18 Short Manji Sai
wpn19 Tiger Tooth Kunai
wpn20 Twin Tail Kunai
wpn21 Midori Sai
wpn22 Tri-Star Kunai
wpn23 Short Serpent Sickle
wpn24 Spring Kunai
wpn25 Giant Kunai
wpn26 Twin Tailed Jutte
wpn27 Knife Edge Kunai
wpn28 Chrome Sai ^
wpn29 Black Ripper Sickle
wpn30 Bone Hand Scythe
wpn31 Elegant Sai
wpn32 Golden Sai
wpn33 Hook Hand Sickle
wpn34 Lightning Sai. (Premium User only)
wpn35 Iron Sai
wpn36 Manji Sai
wpn37 Quad Edge Claw (Premium User only)
wpn38 Ritual Kama
wpn39 Small Tooth Kunai
wpn40 Silver Sai
wpn41 War Sickle
wpn42 Sword Sai
wpn43 Short Cleaver Sword
wpn44 Wavy Blade
wpn45 Bloody Ritual Kunai (Premium user only)
wpn46 Wolf Claw Dagger (Premium user only)
wpn47 Crescent Butcher Knife
wpn48 Bone Machete (Premium user only)
wpn49 Katana (Premium user only)
wpn50 Iron Dagger
wpn51 Bandit Blade
wpn52 Sliver-edged Kunai
wpn53 Nomad Blade
wpn54 Sharp Blade
wpn55 Dark War Edge
wpn56 Hole Sword
wpn57 Tusk Sword
wpn58 Thick Broadsword (Premium user only)
wpn59 Scorpion Tail Blade
wpn60 Blood Charm Tessen (Premium user only)
wpn61 Ice Wolf Sword (Premium user only)
wpn62 Blazing Shuriken (Premium user only)
wpn63 Rising-sun Sword (Premium user only)
wpn64 Lollipop
wpn65 Candy Stick
wpn66 Wreath of Leaf
wpn67 Turkey Leg
wpn68 Green Leaf Sickle
wpn69 Nen-ryu Tessen (Premium user only)
wpn70 Viper Tusk Sword (Premium user only)
wpn71 Shark Head Sword (Premium user only)
wpn72 Kanesada
wpn74 Skull Broadsword
wpn76 Dark Dragon Katana (Premium user only)
wpn77 Sliver Sword
wpn79 Dark Plate Blade
wpn80 Blade of Concealment
wpn82 Dark Ruby Edge
wpn83 Giant Torsion Sword
wpn84 Black Wing Sai
wpn85 Handy Sai
wpn86 Sacrificial Blade
wpn87 Rusty Scissor Kunai
wpn88 Superior Jutte
wpn89 Platium Jutte
wpn93 Japanese Dagger
wpn97 Bodkin Dagger
wpn98 Four-Point Shuriken
wpn100 Carbon Dagger
wpn103 Bronze Kunai
wpn106 Steel Blade
wpn107 Heavy Armor Blade (Premium user only)
wpn109 Dorsal Fin Sword (Premium user only)
wpn111 Kotetsu
wpn112 Teddy Bear
wpn113 Bouquet of Roses
wpn114 Chocolate Sword
wpn119 Blood Drinker
wpn120 Tengu Spear
wpn121 Ginkotsu Saw
wpn122 Tengu Umbrella
wpn123 Yanki Sickle
wpn124 Byakko Sword
wpn125 Shadow Tooth
wpn126 Golem Guard
wpn127 Soul Watcher
wpn128 Wheel Monk
wpn129 Gekko Blade
wpn130 Dark Moryo
wpn131 Saijo Kotetsu
wpn132 White Bouquet
wpn133 Colorful Bouquet
wpn134 Dazzle Windmill (Premium user only)
wpn135 Kasa Obake (Premium user only)
wpn136 Hazy Kotetsu
wpn137 Senden
wpn138 Sea Bonze (Premium user only)
wpn139 Jinkujaku (Premium user only)
wpn140 Blue River
wpn141 Snake Soul
wpn142 Mountain Haze
wpn143 Violet Lightning
wpn144 Wind Walker
wpn145 Ichi No Katana (Premium user only)
wpn146 Soul Resonance (Premium user only)
wpn148 Disciple of Blood
wpn150 Crazy Wolf
wpn151 Tenji (Premium user only)
wpn152 Sessho Shuriken
wpn155 Practice Naginata
wpn158 Stone Kunai
wpn160 Knot Dagger Kunai
wpn161 Dart Kunai
wpn164 Secret Genin Kunai
wpn165 Snow-Nin Kunai
wpn168 Short Wing Sai
wpn172 Devil Thorn Sai
wpn173 Blue Pearl Kunai
wpn175 Soul Katana Kusanagi
wpn176 Red Card
wpn177 White Card
wpn178 Yellow Card
wpn179 Nidan Blood Drinker
wpn181 Nidan Shadow Tooth
wpn198 Shuriken Kurosemi
wpn199 Carnival Lantern
wpn200 Carnival Folding Fan
wpn201 Carnival Bachi
wpn275 Soul Katana Anakasumi
wpn276 Apes Banana
wpn284 Great Tengu Spear
wpn285 Ginkotsu Military Saw
wpn286 Great Tengu Umbrella
wpn287 Burning Yanki Sickle
wpn288 Angry Tiger Sword
wpn289 Dark Gedo Shuriken
wpn290 Smelly Banana
wpn300 Soul Katana Namigaeshi
wpn301 Spiral
wpn302 Spiral Sword
wpn309 Soul Spear Matsukaze
wpn324 Enchanted Katana Kusanagi
wpn325 Enchanted Shuriken Kurosemi
wpn326 Enchanted Katana Anakasumi
wpn327 Enchanted Katana Namigaeshi
wpn328 Enchanted Spear Matsukaze
wpn329 Soul Tessen Sakasama
wpn330 Battle Turtle Kunai
wpn331 Enchanted Tessen Sakasama
wpn332 Kaishaku
wpn333 Kagero
wpn334 Zeiyomaru
wpn335 Soryu
wpn336 Gamaro
wpn337 Shaki
wpn338 Yamiryu
wpn339 Gyuki
wpn341 Soul Katana Gyoubu
wpn342 Harp
wpn343 Fairy Stick
wpn344 A crescent-shaped magical stick from the christmas fairy.
wpn345 A star-shaped magical stick from the christmas fairy.
wpn346 Candlestick
wpn347 A candelabrum that looks like a christmas candy
wpn348 A three-branched golden candelabrum.
wpn349 Giant Spoon
wpn350 Giant Fork
wpn351 Giant Knive
wpn352 Frozen Kunai
wpn353 Frozen Shuriken
wpn354 Frozen Ninjato
wpn355 Enchanted Katana Gyoubu
wpn356 Soul Spear Nanakiri
wpn357 Enchanted Spear Nanakiri
wpn367 Hidden Gunbai Yokozuna
wpn368 Yamata Head Sword
wpn610 Fancy Rapier
wpn611 Arbiter
wpn612 Nidan Arbiter

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