New All In One In Shop By K.A.H

The Result Of This Hack Is
LV 20  AND Tensai Jounin

Download The Swf File --

  1. Open Ninja saga & Fiddler2
  2. Drag All The Swf Files in fiddler2 
  3. Clear Browsing Data
  4. Go To Shop And Do All The Hacks
This Are The Hack In the shop 

Auto Kill All Boss -- Kill All Boss + Instal  Some Mission for xp and gold
EXP BANK HACK -- Download The Update OF New EXP BANK
Visit The PAGES-- Visit All Ours Fan Pages To See more Hacks
Do All Chunin And Jounin Mission 
Do All Tp Mission
And Hack Tensai Special Jounin

Credit To : K.A.H

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