Ninja saga Admins Recruit HACK By K.A.H

First open charles proxy then
play ninja saga 
go to recruit friend
Go back to charles and set breakpoints to
Choose any friend and recruit
back to charles
click edit response
Click amf
Change the number to the id are down  

Name Kage
ID : 104

2 Name Kage
ID : 114

3 Name Zerra
ID : 12071

4 Name LOHAS
ID : 20483

5 Name WuuFuuKuuTuu
ID : 30417

6 Name Skywalker 
ID : 5

Admin recruit hack with fiddler 2

download the swf file

throw into fiddler 2 the swf file

clear browsing data

and go to shop buy admins of NS


Click To Download Charles proxy

Click To Download Fiddler2
For my opinion i recommend you to do the hack with charles no with fiddler2 because with fiddler take many time after you get the Admin of NS

Click to Go To the first page
Click to go into the second page
Click to go To the second Blog
Click to go to the first blog

Credit : Klaudio_Albania_Hacker

NOTE : Recruit Only 1 Admin of Ns or will be ban 

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