Shop New With New Hack By GodKnows K.A.H

Download The File --
Download The Pass To Unlock File --


*Open Ninja saga & Fiddler2
*Drag The Swf files in fiddler2
*Clear Browsing Data
*Click To Academy
*And Buy the hacks You Want To BuY

Hack in Academy Are :
  • Instant some mMssion
  • Instant Chunin Examp
  • Instant Jounin Examp 
  • Download The Premiun User Hack (WORK)
  • Download GodKnows Mission Spammer For Justice Badge
  • Download GodKnows EXP Bank V2
  • Auto Leveling Pet
  • Auto Leveling Character
  • Auto Kill All World Boss
  • Visit Albania Hack Blog And GodKnows Blog
  • Go Tensai Jonin , Chunin , Jounin with buy Not Permanent 

Credit To : K.A.H

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